Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Detail and Rushing

Last two days was a hectic day for most of the RMC staffs because of the registration of a new boys for 2011 intake. For me, it was my first experience to see a new generation of 'budak boy' from the beginning. In the process I met a lot of parents with their 'fresh' ideas about RMC as well as their hope to RMC to change their son's habits.

While monitoring the 2.4 km run, I met a father who is an OP (Old Putera). He told me a lot of old time stories about RMC. All of them, I was interested on how he was trained for detail about appearance from top to toe and appreciation of a little time he had in RMC. Those experiences has develop his character and attitude towards life. He has never hesitated to send his son to RMC because he believe that man should train with detail and rushing. Those who are immune with this way of life can survive in this challenging life. The man who has high initiative. The man who serve to lead.

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