Saturday, December 27, 2008


Amir Azmi's Facebook profile

When my friend asks me to join Facebook, I told him that we are not necessary to bring back our long lost memories. It's mean nothing to us. A few days later, my ex-PRK (Pegawai Rendah Kanan, when I was in PALAPES TD USM) found this blog and asked me to join facebook. With the heavy heart, I joined the facebook. My concern is, I don’t have much time to maintain too many sites that belong to me. I already have blog and fotopages and it takes ages to update.

Ironically, after I registered in Facebook, I'm addicted to it. I'm login almost everyday and impatiently wait any changes on my ‘wall’!. It’s become a new phenomenon for me. The reason is, Facebook make me able putting back every pieces of my long lost memories together. I found back one by one the person who once made me happy long time ago. It's a practical way to connect to someone we've ever met before. Hmm.. pardon me my friend, it’s necessary to bring back our long lost memories, the feeling is great. The feeling is so great!