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Ward 5

Last week was a tough week, I had to take an emergency leave because of my children. They suffered Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Harith suffered the fever first and when he began to recover, his sister, Nabilah had infected!. 3 days for Harith, then continued with Nabilah for 3 days. But the funny part was, as you seen on clip, they didn't look like they had a fever. So active like they never get ill!. Since they were in quarantine mode, The ward has became their play ground.

My EL with my children gave me a lot of free time. Time to get along with my children and my handphone. The only gadget that I have to excess my email and communicate with my clique. Although I have it a year ago, I never discover the great technology behind my K530i. Thanks to Allah, beside stress caring my children in quarantine room, I have learnt to make a simple clip just using my handphone. I don’t need authoring software, nor computer!. Even the quality is not so good, but I’m satisfied with clip. Enjoy watching my first clip, all about my children's happy hour at ward 5, Hospital Seri Manjung. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ad Hoc

This was a last minute task given to me by my boss last week. He asked me to create a short video clip for closing ceremony. The closing ceremony for 'English Course for Officers'. It was a tiring day. It took a whole 'final' day to take photos and compile them in one short video clip. Luckily, I managed to finish it before Friday prayer. The closing ceremony was beginning at 1655H and my clip was presented 10 minutes later. It was a release! and felt so happy when they impressed with what I have done! I just lucky because it still has a lot of space for improvement. I just wish that I have a lot of leisure time to sharpen my decaying snapping photo skill. :)