Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Board

The opportunity to sail with MV Fajar Samudera (Royal Malaysian Navy training ship) gave me a quality time to sharpen my eyes and skill in photography. This time, I explored the power of wide lens. Although I only have a kit lens (means that the widest my baby can go is 18 mm), I experienced taking a pictures in wide perspective. I feel like photos that came out from wide lens give me more words. A lot of things to say every time I look at them. Enjoy some of my photos that I took on board.

See more photos at Sail to Langkawi Island I and Sail to Langkawi Island II.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Two Things

My life had been busy for a few weeks ago. It was all about two things. Now, I feel very happy. I can sit again, manage myself peacefully and write about 'two things'!

Lucky me, now I have a new Bibik. Bibik Srinatin from Surabaya, Indonesia. She was arrived from Indonesia on last Saturday. Since then, no more messy rooms and the most important thing, Nabilah and Harith are well manage now. They are eat on time and take a bath at appropriate time!

The other 'great' thing is, I passed CUTE (Computerized Unit Trust Examination) on 18th August. I have part time job now as a Unit Trust Consultant. It is a very challenging job but yet very interesting. So, anybody who likes to know more about unit trust, you can contact me! Trust me, this is the best investment for your retirement. Call me for more info!