Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thanks to Lt. Cdr Hiruldin (Ketua Cawang Operasi) because gave me this opportunity to sail with one of the best RMN's sailing boat. Although it just sailed around Selat Dinding, I can experience the real seaman's life. This sailing boat named Zuhrah and it cost 4.6 million. One of the most expensive assets belongs to RMN. The crews are expert and the skipper on that day was Major Madinah!. I never knew that she can sail the boat!. It was unforgettable memories, not because the opportunity to sail with Zuhrah, that day was my birthday too. :)


filiciumdecipiens said...

salam cikgu,
sye telah mng"link" blog ckgu, mohon kebenaran

what a wonderful experience to sail with zuhrah!

fusarium solani said...


Bang Amir,

Jakinya saya. Dapat belayar dengan Zuhrah tu... Masih terkenang-kenang pengalaman belayar dengan KD Marikh dulu..